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Alphanumeric Translations


A simple and reliable Spanish-English and English-Spanish (human) translation service.

Alphanumeric is a collective term used to identify letters of the Latin alphabet and Arabic numerals. An alphanumeric character is a computer term referring to the set of numeric and alphabetic characters available on a computer.

Who are we?

We're people who have the ability to provide reliable and quality translations.

We're from contexts where Spanish is the main language, and where English is part of everyday life (both ours and the context).

What do we know?

We're familiar with cyberculture, computer science and computing, mainly things related to the fediverse, geminispace and gopherspace.

We have dedicated a considerable time to social studies and computer science. We have closely studied content about technopolitics, feminism, cyberculture, ethnology and psychology, among others.

What inspires us?

We're inspired by the principles of the smolnet, low-tech, public access unix and the tildeverse. We're also inspired by intersectionality, self-determination, sustainability and freedom of expression.

What do we prefer?

We're comfortable working on translations that have content related to what identifies and inspires us. We prefer to do translations for projects that work on:

Even so, our services are not exclusively available for these topics. If you know us through a recommendation, or if our profile convinces you, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your translation request.

We want to be clear on what we do exclude. We reject any proposal that promotes sexism, racism, misogyny, fascism, xenophobia, sexism, (LGBTQIA++)phobia, ableism or ageism. Also those that make apology of capitalism, globalization, imperialism, neoliberalism, despotism, authoritarianism and totalitarianism. We understand that all these things sustain the exploitation and oppression of people, communities and territories, and perpetuate inhuman and unjust living conditions for all.

What tools do we use?

We try to use tools that use as few resources as possible. It's common for us to use the command line and text editors in that interface.

At the same time, even when we can perform translations "manually", we use online translators to speed up the work. We also review and evaluate the suggestions made by the tool, to maintain consistency.

We organize ourselves with private repositories and work with them through git. We find it an efficient and orderly way to get the work done. It also allows us to share work in progress, both with each other and with our employers.

What do we aspire to?

Although Alphanumeric Translations is a service that involves a monetary exchange, it's not defined by purely lucrative motives. We're not interested in being a corporation nor do we aspire to grow for financial gain.

We're aware of current living conditions and recognize the complexity of living in a world conditioned by rampant capitalism. We're interested in keeping this in mind when considering translation proposals.

We're interested in contributing to the creation of resources that can bring more Spanish speakers to the cyberworld and related topics. This includes assembly code or programming languages. If you're interested in translating something that includes programming code, we're familiar with it. It won't be strange or awkward for us.

How do we communicate?

We initially and mainly use email and XMPP.

How much do we charge?

We're a start-up service, so we wouldn't be able to charge as an experienced professional service. We perceive our service as a handcrafted job, done with basic tools and a lot of care. We evaluate a cost based on that.

We also contemplate the economic conditions of whoever makes us or to whomever we are making a proposal, in order to contrast them with our needs. We understand that in this way we can consider a fair agreement for both parties.

How can you contact us?

Our e-mail address is:


Our XMPP contact is:


Feel free to write to us.


Work we've done on commission or in collaboration with others.

Libre texts

Texts that we have translated and are free to distribute.